The Yohannes IV Coronation – January 12, 1872

Ethiopianism Online Revival’s Photo of the Day – January 12
“Ethiopia is you mother, love her.
Ethiopia is your country, defend her.
Ethiopia is everything to you, die for her.”- Yohannes IV

The Yohannes IV Coronation – January 12, 1872

— On this date on January 12, 1872, Yohannes IV was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in the first imperial coronation in the holy city of Aksum in 200 years. The last Emperor crowned in Aksum was Emperor Fasilides.Emperor Yohannes IV, born on July 11, 1837 as Lij Kassay Mercha, would play a vital role in unifying an Empire left in chaos following the suicide of the former crowned Emperor Tewodros II, whose loyalists were disposed four years prior with the assistance of the British led Napier Expedition.

Emperor Yohannes IV would lead the Ethiopian Empire in halting the expansionist agenda of Ottoman Egypt, specifically in the Battle of Gundat.The Emperor’s life waz cut short at age 51 from a sniper’s bullet during another battle with expansionist forces from the Sudan in the Battle of Gallabat on March 9, 1889. Emperor Yohannes IV would soon be succeeded by Menelik II in November that year. Yohannes is regard as one of the greatest of Ethiopian Emperors in its modern history.

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