Moyale: Police arrest 35 Ethiopians

By Liban Golicha


MOYALE, KENYA (Standard Media) : Police in Moyale have arrested 35 Ethiopians in Moyale town on Thursday morning.

The 35 Ethiopians were found in a bandoned house in Butiye village. Confirming the arrest, Moyale Officer Commanding Station Richard Ng’eno said the 35 aliens were locked up in a house which was left by the owner during the clashes.

He added the police were alerted by intelligence officers on the ground after realising movement of people in deserted Butiye village. According to the OCS, the aliens who neither speak English or Kiswahili were believed to be heading to South Africa.

They were, Zaude Mamo, Desta Ertaro, Getinat Demeke, Anamo Gichamo, Gilebo Erkalo, Matios Manore, Mulgeta Makebo, Takatal Wolebo, Miratu Bekele, Alamayo Hashenje, Garamo Ersiro, Wondimu Markos, Gitacho Adize, Abayan Gabube, And Nebizo Wolde,Chufano Kaltizo, Iyazu Kebeda, Gacan Kebeda, Ermiyan Jabara, Hartamu Bachore, Adana Tazama, Wondimu Abame, Takile Zanbat, Ashanalo Kashine, Abara Wanjalo, Malaza Mola, Masebo Daniel, Muze Jalatu, Alamayu Wondimu, Dababa Dama, Lire Arficho, Abayin Girma and Gudizo Mamo.

Mr Ng’eno said they will be arraigned in court to face illegal entry into the country charges. He called on locals to report suspicious characters to police.

Source: Standard Media


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