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When Sister Samrawit speaks we better listen

“I like to talk about reality than the latest vibe. What is wrong with that?’

by Teshome Debalke

When the young charismatic Ethiopian British activist Samrawit Tessema ask the why… question of her peers and many others to face reality she broke the back of timidity, ignorance, doublethink, opportunism and corruption within us. After all, tyranny lives off the people she was talking about.

It is a historical fact, no justice or democracy ever came about without the Samarwits of the world breaking the back of double thinkers to face the reality of tyranny.

When Samarwit talks about ‘we-are-slaves she is speaking the language of freedom and democracy. It scares the living out of the sorry Woyane and its apologists that created fear society by segregating Ethiopians to fear one another and unleashing it assassins to terrorize the people. That is why it destroys so many lives and livelihood unprovoked to send a message to the rest.

Noam Chomsky’s description of ‘ The Culture of Fear’ the Colombian regime inflected in the 80s and 90s is a chilling reminder of what our people are going through under the Woyane regime. The role US government played supporting the murderous Colombian regime at a time is rather scary thought to imagine the Obama Administration under the guidance of Susan Rise following the same policy of looking the other way on the atrocity and corruption of the Woyane regime.

Rise, the Former US Ambassador in the UN and the present National Security advisor to the Obama Administration known to be a stanch supporter of the regime in Addis Ababa yet to be challenged for her role supporting the self-declared ethnic minority regime she sworn to defend at all cost. Her record in Rwanda and the impunity she operate under in Africa speaks volume to the Obama Administration’s partnership with the rogue regime– Ethiopians are simply collateral damage in the war on terrorism. The recent kidnapping of Andargachew Tsege was the result of partnering with a rogue regime with no boundary to take the opportunity of US administration. .

Samrawit is telling us no Ethiopian should seat idle witnessing the horror Woyane brought to our people and live to tell it. Ethiopians in the Diaspora have the moral obligation to face the reality of Woyane and challenge its enablers, including the Obama Administration policy by lobbying their Congressional representative, the Administration take responsibility supporting the rogue regime.

Daniel J. Boorstin; European American historian once wrote;

‘We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place’,

Our detachment to the reality around us is the greater aid to tyranny on the expenses of our people. Lionel Suggs an African American poet and author wrote;

‘People often find comfort in ignorance of illusions, but rarely find solace in the truth of reality’ he goes on “It’s not a matter of pride; it’s a matter of principle. I simply will not bow, for I stand too tall for even the Heavens to climb.”

It is refreshing to listen Sister Samrawit talk about her distractors; ‘I want to talk about reality than the latest vibe, what is wrong with that?’

She summed up in a few sentence what Ethiopians have been asking for so long about the reality of Woyane’s travesty. She is telling us what the African American singer–songwriter, rapper, producer, and actress Lauryn Hill said about the reality;

‘That strong mother doesn’t tell her cub, Son, stay weak so the wolves can get you. She says, Toughen up, this is reality we are living in’.

When I listen what sister Samrawit said, I said; this is one solid Ethiopian sister that would lead our people to the promise land and a nightmare for people that live in a bubble of tyranny. Personally, she is the mother-of-all greatness and stands tall among the great in her moral clarity. The rest is a matter of how to clean up the rubbish of tyranny.

Sister, I am with you all the way so millions of our people around the world that might not have your courage to speak up. But, your distractors doublethink behavior is better described by the French-Algerian Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher Albert Camus;

‘Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil’.

Distractors live in the bubble and are one weapon in the arsenal of tyranny used and abused as the ‘principle of evil’. The challenge has always been to shame them for the little mind they are.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: ‘Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries’.

Thank you for inspiring the sleeping lions. I am assured our people and country is in safe hand from the Hyenas.