Archive | November 1, 2014

Eight Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defected In October

A total of eight Ethiopian Air Force pilots have defected this month, according to a senior Eritrean official.

Ethiopian MiG-23
The official didn’t specify if the pilots defected to Eritrea, or if they managed to flee the country with their aircrafts, though it is highly likely they did in both cases.

The defections come as reports indicate the Ethiopian Air Force is in shambles, and that the TPLF oligarchs are “disgusted” by their poor performances.

Ethiopia is no stranger to high-profile air force defections. Last year, four Ethiopian helicopter pilots and a MiG-23 pilot defected to Eritrea.

The names of the helicopter pilots are Cap. Aklilu Mezene, Cap. Tilahun Tufa, Cap. Getu Worku and Cap. Biniam Gizaw, while the name of the MiG-23 pilot is Daniel Yeshewas.