Archive | December 6, 2015

Breaking News: Ethiopian well known film maker Yared Shumete is arrested.


Yared Shumeta is arrested by police because of his article posted on his face book page yesterday. He wrote what he observed during waiting for transportation going to Piasa from Kazanchis, another part of Addis Ababa city.

According to the article, a guy was passing by the people who were standing alongside of the street. Then they called him and asked him why he crossed their way. The guy replies saying he did not see them and asked for an apology.

These people in group were police officers and annoyed by his response and took him to a nearby community policing office where they bitten him to death.

Yared witnessed the case and went to an another police station and explained what is happening in that community police office. He told the officers that those police officers  are biting an individual unlawfully.

However, he could not get  any assistance beyond listening his explanation. When Yared leaves the police station he met the guy who was bitten to death and injured. He took him back to the police where he has been contacting earlier.

Today, the police arrested him for sharing his observation on social media.

Yared Shumete was born in August 18 1982 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  He finished high school at Black Lion senior secondary school in 2001 and began his career in film as an editor for a short movie in 2003 after studying Video and photography at TOM VPTC. He continued studying post production at 4 Corners school of multi media.

Yared is a well known Ethiopian film director.