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EPPFG Stamp 2

Date. 15/January/2016



It is known that Ethiopia is the second largest populace country in Africa continent. Ethiopia is also well known that it is rich in natural resources and man power for its economic development. But, due to lack of good governance, Ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries in the world. The current “government” of Ethiopia who is Tigrean’s People Liberation Front/Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front ,TPLF/EPRDF, has empowered for the last 24 years by monopoly. But, they are unable to bring development, democracy, and freedom for Ethiopia people. On the contrary, development of Ethiopia becomes retarded to the worst level by dictatorial regime of TPLF/EPRDF. Until now in Ethiopia, there had not been fair and free election. they are still in power by abusing citizens’ right, denying freedom of press, demolishing the independent judiciary system and weakening the peaceful struggle in our country.

As one of the solutions for the current problems of Ethiopia, an organization called Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPFG) was established, by patriotic Ethiopians who decided to liberate their own country from repressive governance of TPLF/EPRDF using all means of struggle. EPPFG is one of the strongest organizations who are struggling so as to dismantle cruel, oppression and tyranny power of TPLF as a result to bring freedom, democracy, justice and equality of all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. EPPFG is a political wing which is mobilizing thousands of Ethiopians in Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. In the mean time the chairman of EPPFG, Mr. Leul Keskis, was elected to parliament in 2005 as member of the Coalition for unity and Democracy Party (Kinijit). When the Woyane regime stole the election and after witnessing the atrocities Woyanes were committing against their constituents, instead of joining the rubber-stamp parliament, he along with our other parliaments, chosen to join the EPPFG fighters. After joining the EPPFG fighters, the leadership decided that Mr. Leul Keskis is more important if he is assigned to facilitate the diplomacy work in abroad. Currently, Mr. Leul Keskis who is working as the chairman of EPPFG & the internal relationship in World.

At this time, the one who could take the responsibility and accountability for all of the problems that the Ethiopian people face is TPLF/EPRDF. We believe and we are evidential that the source of all political and economical problems of Ethiopian people is TPLF government.

Ethiopia is the failing state in the case of true democracy. Use of antiterrorism law and false propaganda are TPLF instruments to destroy Amhara and Oromo. In the past 25 years, 2 millions of Amhara people are missing, tortured, intimated or killed. According to a report done by a Human Rights Watch since 1991 accused tenths of thousands people who have been members or supporters of opposition parties. Many prisoners who have medical conditions are not allowed to see physicians and none of those have received due process. Economic and education policies introduced by Tigray government in response to students peaceful protest, the government applied brutal forces, killed several ones and leaving and leaving many others wounded and many others are imprisoned. TPLF actively suppress opponents to organize and express their political activities. The political forces abuse many of the people and the security forces do what they want. Ethnic cleansing of Amhara people becomes day to day activity. The government consistently spread the message of violence and hate towards the Amhara and Oromo people. Without the international intervention or public out-cry, it is quite likely the agriculture, language and land rights will become a distant memory at the hands of oppressive moral and despotic Tiger government.

It will take time if we try to mention all the crimes that the current regime of TPLF did on Ethiopian people, but we would like to mention the severe ones.

1. Freedom of press in Ethiopia is almost dead

It is really impossible to get independent voices in Ethiopia.  Media is treated as a threat rather than a valued source of information and analysis. The TPLF/EPRDF regime has been shut up Freedoms of expression for the last 24 years in Ethiopia. All pillars of democracy are under the tight control of the cruel and lawless repressive regime. Political leaders and popular journalists are either in prison or in exile. Different ways through which TPF is terrorizing journalists include threatening   by phone and text, arresting, robbing their livelihoods, put families under pressure and fear of harassment. The government exerts control of the press media in many different ways. Printers and distributors of critical publications are also closed. There are some print publications which are working affiliated with the government. Due to this, Ethiopia is suffering from lack of independent media so as to have pure information and they are forced to have only state-owned media for those boring and unreliable information Freedom of speech in Western countries is alive, but dead in Ethiopia.

2. Mis-use of Foreign aid in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country by its population density next to Nigeria.  Ethiopia ranks number 13th in the list of countries by population in the world. The economy of Ethiopia is largely based on agriculture with a GDP per capita of less than $550 a year. Agricultural productivity remains low. The sector suffers from poor cultivation practices and frequent drought. It is a country filled with a rich culture and heritage. But, Ethiopia is considered by many to be one of the most under-developed nations in the world. It is one of the 15 poorest countries in the world, due to lack of a rational leader who could manage and administer all these resources so as to escape from all such problems.

Ethiopian authorities are not living for the people, they are thinking day and night only for their own life and how could they become prosperous in short period of time by means of corruption.  They use different mechanisms to achieve their own dreams. One of the recent funniest plans of TPLF authorities to get money or loan is using selling bond to international market which is called sovereign bond with amount of 1 billion US dollars. Therefore, Eurobonding may be dangerous for those countries whose leaders are in love with Corruption. 

Foreign aid is one of the many tools that can improve the quality of life and help meet many basic needs. Ethiopia has received billions of dollars in developmental aid. For example, the U.S. gives Ethiopia approximately $800 million in aid annually. However, the question is, who is receiving, and who is responsible for distributing the foreign aid. The government has used aid as a political weapon to control the population, punish dissent, undermine political opponents, and increase the wealth of its allies. Foreign aid has failed to benefit those who fight for justice and democracy and that it has actually increased the potential for conflict in Ethiopia and Africa in general. the silence on the part of Western governments amounts to collusion, and constitutes a gross misuse of taxpayers’ money and a betrayal of international human rights laws. Ethiopia is receiving a record amount of aid whilst human rights abuses, torture, rape and political oppression at the hands of government forces continue.

4. TPLF (Tigrean People Liberation Front) is a Terrorist Organization

The world has got the chance to see when the right of Ethiopians is violated. Since TPLF got the power to govern Ethiopia, everyone has passed the miserable life in his own home country. TPLF hates and punishes individuals at different  organizations,  parties and religions when they raise their hands to oppose policy of the government. Some of the active individuals and opposition parties have been inactivated  as result of the” anti-terrorism law”. The TPLF minority regime in Ethiopia planted bombs in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and killed innocent people in a bid to frame neighboring Eritrea for the terrorist crimes.

Ethiopia’s ruling junta again killed innocent civilians by planting a bomb in a minibus, in hotel and mosques. Many people have been warning the possibility of such an attack coming from the terrorist organization which is leading Ethiopia now. It has been a known fact that the ruling party in Ethiopia conducts such criminal acts in order to keep the assistance it gets from the so called ‘allies’ in the name of antiterrorism operations. Freedom of expression, political dissent and public assembly is denied by a regime that is committing a human right violation in different parts of the country. Earlier this week, the European Parliament adopted a 19-point resolution urging Ethiopia to respect the rights of peaceful protesters as well as to cease intimidation and imprisonment of journalists. Approximately 140 people were killed during the protests, according to activists interviewed by Human Rights Watch.

5. TPLF regime of Ethiopia is ignorant to its citizens

TPLF regime which has been failed and ignored has abandoned the people of Ethiopia. Hundred thousands of Ethiopian people leave the country due to worsened socio-economic and socio-poletical condition of the regime. many of the people stream to the middle-east. Most of the migrants are young women who go there to serve as a domestic worker (house maid). After they start their work, confiscation of travel document, rape, harassment, ill-treatment, long hours of work and exploitation starts. Since most of these women are too young and cannot withstand the condition. As a result, they commit suicide. Policy of exporting tremendous young working forces (40,000 per month) as a commodity should be stopped soon.

It is recognized that almost all key leadership positions in Ethiopia are held by individuals from only one ethnic group since they became in power. They use this strategy to exist in power as long as they want and to suppress the people in the way they need. Unfortunately, almost all of the higher officials of TPLF/EPRDF are old enough and illiterate who were the previous soldiers.  This aggravates the political problem created in Ethiopia.  From outside it seems a democratic country, but the reality is that they are following pseudo- democracy. This helps them as a cover for their political game. Due to lack of trust in TPLF regime,  people are flooding to abroad legally and illegally. To escape from such a cruel regime,  most of journalist, activist and learnt people are forced to live outside  form their country. When we think of social media and access of information, it is like living in a jungle where there is no free access of Internet.

6. TPLF has political employees in religious institutions of  Ethiopia

By definition of democracy, every individual and institution has his own right to practice any religious activities in their own  institution either in church or in mosque.  Freedom of religion in Ethiopia remains on the paper. Every member of any religious organization is found full of tension and fear when they go out of home for religious events. Any activities of every religious individual is under control of the TPLF government due to afraid of “terrorism” and “extremism” charges.  It is unbelievable that how TPLF has assigned all of the people as “terrorist”. On the other hand, it is only TPLF government who becomes a real terrorist for safe life  of any people in Ethiopia so that they can mask the weakness and incapability of their leadership and as a result they can extend age of their power. Employment of servants in churches or mosques is carried out only based on their political view and place of origin, not based on knowledge. No one will be assigned as a leader in any position of the church or mosque unless he is TPLF supporter or come from Tigrea region. Then, responsibility of the allocated “leader” in church or mosque will be undertaking orders from politicians instead of orders from the God.

7. Ethiopia becomes a state of one party

Ethiopia falls down under dictatorial regime of one party called TPLF (Tigrea people liberation front) which is controlled by one minority ethnic group that make up only 6% of  96 million Ethiopian population. They were in power for 24 years. They are now deciding themselves to continue in power as a result of their fake election which was carried out on 24/05/2015. Such victory by the regime is a message of disgrace and shows that a multi-party system is over in Ethiopia and it seems as it is monopolized only by one party.

8. Ethiopia faces threat of famine

Ethiopia is a predominantly subsistence economy.  Famine is inevitable in a subsistence economy during bad years due to inadequate surplus. For instance, migratory herders do not farm and consequently depend entirely on their herds for food.  They store their savings in the form of cattle. Thus, when a drought hits pastoralist areas, animals die first and then the herders are devoured by starvation and famine. Agriculture has been Ethiopia’s mainstay for centuries. If developed, it can be the country’s reliable source of economic prosperity and national security. However, Ethiopia is still struggling with its selfish and restrictive feudal tradition, which gives the ruling elite and the state a monopoly over landownership. Peasants still live like serfs working the land they don’t own. There is no free movement of labor and capital because of ethnic barriers. As a result of all these, the rural sector is undeveloped and undercapitalized.

A shadow of fear and panic is creeping through villages in North Eastern, central and Southern Ethiopia, where once again famine stalks the land. The seasonal rains that usually fall between June and September did not arrive, and now, with the ‘dry season’ here the already severe situation can only deteriorate.

According to the UN, Ethiopia “is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years.”  In some areas the poorest, most vulnerable infants are already dying at a rate of two per day. Around “350,000 children are in need of treatment for severe acute malnutrition,” UNICEF relates, and up to 8.2 million people (out of a population of 95 million) urgently require relief assistance. This number is expected to rise to a staggering 15 million by early 2016. The aid group Save the Children says as many as 10 million people need food aid. It calls this one of the two worst humanitarian crises in the world, following only Syria.

9. TPLF is committing genocide to Amhara people

The crime of ethnic cleansing against the Amhara people has been underway since the injection of TPLF into the political scene. TPLF has been robbing and executing Amharas and nationalist people from Tigray since its days in Dedebit desert. And the ethnic cleansing has continued even after TPLF usurped power since 1991 until today. It has been a slow but deliberate process of ethnic cleansing committed by TPLF on the Amhara people. No wonder the population of the Amhara people has either remained constant in the last 20 years or has actually decreased by a few millions. And this has been reported on the make-shift TPLF “parliament” based on the study conducted by a group of researchers. They indicated that about two million Amharas may be missing from the statistics

Starting from the beginning, their manifesto is to disseminate unity of Ethiopian, to eliminate the Amhara ethnic group and religion of Orthodox church.  Their objective is to break the bond which hold the people together in an intermingled fashion . In addition, they are changing the living condition of each people in to poverty and this helps them to make the people dependent to the government. Besides this, TPLF displace the people from their fertile plot of land and then they sell the land for wealthy people coming from Saudi Arabia and India. Surprisingly, TPLF sold a region of the land in Gondar area  for the Sudan government. This is one the crimes particularly done on Amhara region.”What we are urging is that the international community should not turn a blind eye to these gross violations of human rights that have taken place in Ethiopia,”

Due to all these problems, Ethiopians are forced to flee his own country. This to inform all the people in the world how Ethiopians are suffered by this racist Tigray government. TPLF is the most corruptive and dictatorial leaders in Africa. As we tried to mention their crimes, we would like to ask the government of the Germany to consider the application of all Ethiopian asylum seekers and to grant protection to Ethiopians as that of other applicants (e.g. Syria, Pakistan and Eritrean).

Therefore, we would like to ask the government of Germany to make Ethiopian asylum seekers to be beneficiary in the new rules of refugees. If our members are returned to Ethiopia, they will face torture, prison and death penalty. The last but not the least, make your own contribution for freedom of Ethiopians, by being non-supportive to a non-democratic, dictatorial and corruptive regime of TPLF.

Finally all these cruelest conspiratorial repression will result in ethnic conflict, civil war, disintegration of country and will make East Africa the area for incubation of terrorists. TPLF becomes financial strong since they use the money from foreign aid for their political purpose instead of humanitarian purpose. Therefore, we would like to recommend government of Germany and other EU countries and government of USA to control their financial help by checking whether it is used for targeted purpose. Otherwise, it will be a bullet to kill the innocent people and to elongate the age of fascist TPLF regime.

In conclusion, the EPPFG pursues all peaceful means of struggle to bring justice, democracy, equality and freedom to our country, Ethiopia. So we kindly solicit your cooperation to consider the just of our cause.


  • European Union

  • America State Department

  • Amnesty International

  • Genocide Watch