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Posted by : Alemayehu Kidanewold

On March 6  2015, Ethiopian people patriotic front guard ( EEPFG) accomplished a very successful meeting in Nürnberg.

There were more than 200 party members and invited guests from different part of Germeny participated the meeting.


The meeting was scheduled to start 12:00 pm to fulfill party members questions  in Gröse Gerau  meeting, but it was not started as it was scheduled because of different reasons.

The meeting was started around  1:00pm  by Ato Leul Keskis’s speech about party’s major activities in the past,  including regular report and detail explanation  about the current political situation in Ethiopia.


The meeting was moderated by Ato Rodas Tesfaye, Ato Dawite Beyene and Ato Telahun.

The main agenda of Nürnberg meeting was:

•To discuss about current political situation of Ethiopia in detail and to creat awareness to the party members what the WYANE dictatorial government doing to our people.

• The other main agenda of Nürnberg meeting was to give a brief explanation of EPPFG’S party members  effective political activity around Offenbach area.

In addition to this Agenda the party members also raised  different questions that they want to discuss about on this meeting.

Amongst those questions;

• One party member raised a question  to  leaders of the party  as well as to the party members that,  what  are the main reasons we didn’t start and end the meeting on time as it is scheduled?

And also he mentioned that   this created a lots of problem to most of the party members  who came from far places to attend the metting.

• Ato Abdi Shkur also raised a question to EPPFG leaders, is the party  trying to work  together with other opposition political parties?

If not what are the the major problems?

What are the things we had done as a party to minimize  those problems?

After the discussion  of those Agendas Moderator Rodas call for a pause.

After 20 min pause Ato Leule Keskes and Ato Tsegaye Mergia   answered  the questions raised from the parity members briefly.

Beside that Ato Leule keseks also shared  his political struggle experience and tried to show different ways of effective struggling technic  to the party members to strengthen there current political activity. 12814735_761873603948603_8799757936459059363_n

Next to that that Ato Telahun one of the moderator of Nürnberg meeting and EPPFG vice chairmen appreciated current political activity of EPPFG party members in Offenbach and also he will promise to continue supporting them to strengthen there political activity.

Beside that he also criticized the current political activity of EPPFG members and leaders Around Bayer. According to his brife explanation previously the group had been worked a lots of strong political activities around Bayer area but currently they are not working and/or cooperating other groups as it is expected from them.

He also clearly transfer his message to EPPFG Bayer leaders  before the party take an action, they have to continue their political activity as it was before.

Next to Ato Telahun the 2nd Modorator of the metting and organizer of EPPFG Offenbach  Rodas present a short article under the titel of

“Adwa Tlante Adwa Zare” and  also he  expend about their political activities and  accomplishment  around Offenbach briefly . In addition to that he also explain there future plan to creat awareness about WEYANE  dictatorial governance and how the government  oppressing its own society   to the community leaving  around Offenbach.

The other Moderator of Nuremberg meeting Ato Dawite Beyene also on his speech explained in detail the major benefits of straggling together instead of separating Ethiopian people by ethnic groups,religion and different small opposition groupes.

On his opinion the more we narrowing our difference and straggling together, the more successful  we become.

Finally Ato Mickal present an interesting poem under the titel of “YE HETSANU ENBA”

Generally  in Nürnberg there were many members of the organization including supporters, invited guests  and new members of the party participated on the regular meeting. On this Meeting the party had deeply discussed the Above mentioned Agendas and Finally alternative solutions were also forwarded by the members to liberate the country from such a racist and brutal  regime. The meeting was also accomplished successfully after having a common consciences to unify  the country and to bring freedom and Peace to Ethiopian society.

Yohannes Biru  

                Secretary of EPPFG HESSEN