Ethiopian People Patriotic Front Guard (EPPFG) assembled the year last members meeting in Nürnberg city

By Bikesegn Haileleul and Alemayehu Kidanewold

Photo by Michael Mekonnen
Nürnberg: EPPFG did its last meeting of the year in Nürnberg city on December 02,
2017. The meeting was opened by welcome speech of Mr. Luel Keskis – chairman of
the Ethiopian people patriotic front guard and he has been presented detail Annual
report of the organization to the participants .

Mr. Luel Keskis emphasized on his speech – “EPPFG will continue struggling the
Ethiopian government and beside to that we will increase our help to our brothers
and sisters who suffered as immigrant in different part of the world due to fear of
detention and human rights violation from Weyane .” By continuing his speech
“while we struggle to avoid Weyane ,we do not have any morale obligation to
collaborate with the enemies of our much-loved country Ethiopia and we are not
negotiate to sell our country in any matter to others and let our people in
complicated violation. While some people seems like they are unpretentious to
Ethiopians, they are working for their own agenda and dismantling Ethiopia because
of money. It is known from history that Ethiopia has protection all the time from
genuine citizens.”

One of the sessions of the meeting was current affairs; on this session there was live
discussion between participants based on the article from Graham Pebbles, how
current ethnic conflicts are deliberate government design. The master mind of the
current Ethnic conflict, in different part of the country, is the Ethiopian government
(Weyane) .The government use this tool to divert attention of Ethiopians from their
grievance. It is clearly known that in different part of the country there is uprising of
citizens in different forms.
From stage the discussion chaired by Bikesegn Haileleul (chairman man of EPPFG
in Bayern region) accompanied by Mr. Alemayehu Kidanewold (Chairman of EPPFG
in Würzburg area) and Mr. Yohans Tkaere Getnet ( vice chairman of EPPFG in
Bayern region ). Participants were actively participated on the discussion. And finally
the meeting has been concluded by replaying possible answers from the stage
which have been asked by participants.

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