The Timing of ER’s Rampage against G7 is a Calculated One (Neamin Zeleke)

Neamin Zeleke

The timing of ER’s rampage against G7 is a calculated one. It is a calculated timing to deflect and derail the momentum the struggle gained in recent weeks. It is timed to dampen the spirit of Ethiopians around the world. It is a calculated move to create confusion and diversion in the otherwise gathering of momentum the Ethiopian people in their struggle against the ethnic minority dictatorship of the TPLF. Past trends and patterns of stories published by ER Intelligence Unit prove that ER has no qualms to pen fictions and distortions. Its latest, so-called “special report” is not a special report, but a deliberate act of to attract online traffic. ER’s claim to know many facts is simply hogwash, at least everything that he said and stated regarding Ginbot 7. We at Ginbot 7 can easily refute ER’s obdurate fictions in public line by line, but unlike ER we are indebted to the Ethiopian public. Hence, we spend our valuable time planning and excusing our vital tasks of removing the ethnic minority regime.

Neamin in Atlanta AAAAIt is indeed easy to debunk these fictions in the so called special report and the latest one, the laughable “advice to G7”.Laughable indeed! The ER editor thinks he is an institution by himself, otherwise, where is he getting this inflated sense of self, the moral authority, and the political acumen to give an advice to an organization that has more than enough politically experienced and highly capable leaders and members in thousands?

I have known and worked with ER’s editor for the past so many years to champion human rights and democracy in Ethiopia. He is a hard worker. I admire his dedication. But he fails to see left and right, backwards and forward. He fails to handle contradictions and complexities. He thinks that the world revolves around him; he thinks that he has a monopoly on facts, solutions and ideas about the how, the ways and means of the struggle to bring about the desired end.

ER’s editor had projects, and those projects failed due to several reasons. His failure is not Ginbot 7’s failure. Let it be known that I have no interest to respond and engage the editor of ER further in refuting each of the fabrications and lies. Ginbot 7, as an organization, does not consider diversionary fictional stories deserve a formal reply.

I am writing this last note in my personal capacity and as person who happen to know the details of what ER’s editor otherwise claims them to be the “facts”, the” truth “, and Lo and Behold, the only “truth“ concerning everything about G7, its internal working, its relationships with governments, including the Eritrean government, and other organizations, and many of G7 projects. And unlike ER, there is no way I would dwell on these matters in public. We owe it the struggle; we owe it the Ethiopian people not to do so. That is what any responsible person who understands the stakes involves would do.

Thank you and sincerely,
Neamin Zeleke