Mission Statement

Ethionetsanet (Ethiopian Freedom)

• Ethionetsanet aims at providing news about Ethiopia from credible sources and presenting analysis on major Ethiopian Issues.

• Ethionetsanet tries to make available extensive information archive on Ethiopian news, history, country reports, music, and poetry.

• Ethionetsanet aims to provide a forum for Ethiopians to express their views, concerns, hopes and dreams about current Ethiopian issues.

• Ethionetsanet aims to provide credible information about the current ongoing struggle to build democratic foundations of governance in Ethiopia.

• Ethionetsanet firmly believes that information and education are crucial for the development of Ethiopia.

• Ethionetsanet strongly believes that in marshaling our intellectual resources and manpower we Ethiopians can develop our nation.

• Ethionetsanet aspires to promote democratic governance and expose misdeeds by the current EPRDF/TPLF regime. We deplore the regime’s repression of freedom of expression in any of its forms.

• Ethionetsanet encourages consensus building around principles and ideals for a more united, stronger and economically prosperous nation.

• Ethionetsanet dreams of a self-sustaining Ethiopia where her children grow up in peace, harmony and prosperity.

• Ethionetsanet invites patriotic Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join us in sharing their thoughts, views and ideas by writing articles on the economic, political and social issues of Ethiopia.


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